High Ranking Israeli Security Official Stabbed at Israeli Embassy in Jordan

Posted July 25, 2017

The Palestinian Authority - the semi-autonomous Palestinian government in the West Bank - has cut all official contact with Israel over the situation at al-Aqsa. "And we are doing this determinedly and responsibly", he said. "We are experienced in this", he added. One of the workers attacked the Israeli security official from the rear and began stabbing him with a screwdriver. The guard fought back and shot the attacker dead. For the time being, Jordan is refusing to allow the security guard or the embassy staff to leave the country. The second, Bashar Hamarneh, a doctor who was in the residential quarter of the embassy at the time of the incident died of his injuries after midnight in hospital. The stabber's father says he is demanding justice for his son's death. Jordanian media was almost entirely focused on the story Monday, with editorials in newspapers and broadcast media also demanding the death penalty.

Following the incident, Israeli police briefly shut down the al-Aqsa compound and canceled Muslim Friday prayers at the holy site.

In a similar incident in September 1999, in Germany, 200 PKK Kurdish supporters armed with iron bars entered the Israeli consulate in a tranquil Berlin suburb.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday he will arrange the return of the guard to Israel.

The security source spoke about an attempt to penetrate the embassy compound.

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She also said the United States should provide diplomatic intervention and Jordan's King Abdullah needs to show determination.

"The security official, who was slightly wounded, defended himself".

The incident further complicates efforts to resolve an escalating crisis over Jerusalem's most contested holy site. "There is a great deal of tension out there, and this can only be defused by the leaders of each country".

"The Israeli government is playing with fire and risking a major crisis with the Arab and Islamic world".

Israel lifted a gag order Monday imposed the night before. Sources said that while there was no specific threat to Israel or Israelis in Turkey, it was chose to keep the embassy closed as a precaution.

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