Trump's 'paddy wagon' comments put police in awkward position

Posted July 31, 2017

"I said, 'Please don't be too nice, '" Trump said during a speech urging Congress to fund his administration's crackdown on illegal immigration and violent crime.

"When you guys put somebody in the auto and you're protecting their head you know, the way you put their hand over [their head]", Trump continued, mimicking the motion. "I said you can take the hand away, OK?"

After Trump's speech, the Suffolk County Police Department issued a statement noting that it "will not tolerate the roughing up of prisoners".

Trump said, miming the physical motion of an officer shielding a suspect's head to keep it from bumping against the squad auto.

And although a group of police officers standing behind Trump applauded at the remark in his speech, the Suffolk County Police Department tweeted shortly after, condemning it. Don't hit their head? Yesterday (July 28), while speaking to a room full of cops in Brentwood, Long Island, La Naranja encourage police brutality.

Despite applause from the audience, which was comprised of federal and law enforcement personnel from the New York-New Jersey area, the Suffolk County department quickly distanced itself from Trump's statements.

Trump continued his habit of going into gruesome detail about gang violence during the speech, describing one of his favorite targets, the largely Latino gang MS-13, as a "vile cartel" and its members as "animals". But here in Baltimore, a city still reckoning with terse relationships between police and the communities they're sworn to protect, this story was all too familiar.

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New York Civilian Complaint Review Board Chairwoman Maya D. Wiley criticized the president for undoing trust between police and communities in the city.

In reality, the president was just putting across an important message, not only to the nation's law enforcement officers but to citizens who see that the hands of the law are often tied.

"Trump just told police officers that they can be more violent than they already are".

The Fraternal Order of Police, the largest union of police officers in the country that supported Trump during his campaign, also defended his mindless comments, claiming it was all in humor and suggested the president of the country should not be taken seriously.

A statement was also released by the International Association of Chiefs of Police on Friday evening, although Trump was not mentioned by name.

Peoples Power Assembly staged an emergency rally at 1 Police Plaza before marching to City Hall seeking justice for Eric Garner, Michael Brown & others killed by police.

"I can tell you, I saw some photos where [acting ICE Director] Tom [Homan]'s guys, rough guys, they're rough, I don't want to. say it because they'll say that's not politically correct, you're not allowed to have rough people doing this kind of work".

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