Trump Still a Working-Class Hero, Democratic Poll Shows

Posted August 04, 2017

46 percent of voters said more acceptance of transgender people would be "a good thing for the country", with only 14 percent saying it would be "bad" and 39 percent saying it would not make much difference. The data marked the lowest approval rating that the polling group had recorded for the president since he assumed office. Trump has repeatedly praised the poll - which has been rated by polling analysts as less accurate than many of its peers - for its accuracy in instances where it has shown positive ratings. Gallup shows Trump with a 36 percent approval rating and 60 percent disapproval rating.

President Donald Trump's approval has hit a new low, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll. Only 25 percent of respondents strongly approved of the president's job performance while 50 percent strongly disapproved. "Profound embarrassment over his performance in office and deepening concern over his level-headedness have to raise the biggest red flags".

More than two-thirds of voters, or 68%, say transgender people should be able to serve in the military, according to the poll.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning fact-checker PolitiFact ruled Trump's tweet to be mostly false, noting that the conservative-leaning polling group had actually found higher approval for Obama during the same timeframe in his first term.

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Trump is the 45th President of the United States.

60 - 32 percent Republicans disapprove. Only 2%(!) of Democrats approve of the way the president is handling his job.

A little over a week ago, President Donald Trump announced on Twitter that the US military would no longer let transgender people serve in the military, reversing the policy established by former President Barrack Obama. Two other daily approval rating pollsters found Trump with a historically-low rating. The poll has a +/- 3.4 percentage point margin of error. Its full results can be viewed here.

House Majority PAC, which supports Democratic congressional candidates, hired Expedition Strategies to conduct the survey of 1,000 white likely voters without college degrees in key congressional districts in June and July.

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