Australian PM to persist with popular vote for gay marriage

Posted August 09, 2017

"We think we should get on with it and vote with it here".

Anna Brown, an LGBT activist and representative of the Equality Campaign, vowed to fight a postal plebiscite in court if Parliament continued to refuse to vote on same-sex marriage.

"This decision goes another step closer towards recognising marriage equality as an worldwide human rights issue". It makes it possible for same-sex marriage to be legal in Australia before Christmas.

The announcement came days after a poll showed that the issue of same-sex marriage was wearing thin on voters, who overwhelmingly said they wanted the issue dealt with before the end of the year.

A meeting of politicians in the Liberal party was held on Monday, where it was decided there would instead be a renewed effort to formulate a national vote, followed by a postal vote, if it was unsuccessful.

Turnbull's reasoning for the plebiscite and postal vote is that it will allow "all Australians to have their say".

An AEC spokesman told HuffPost Australia they were still getting all the info about the plebiscite and how the voting process would work, and that the AEC was unsure when the cut-off date for changing your details would be.

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Finding policy agreement on the issue is a test of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's authority over his fragile government, which holds a single-seat majority in the House of Representatives.

The proposed postal vote would cost more than 122 million Australian dollars (96 million dollars), Turnbull said.

Late past year, the upper house Senate rejected a government proposal on the matter, with opponents saying they believed it was best dealt with by a free vote in parliament.

Labor has slammed the postal plebiscite option, with opposition leader Bill Shorten calling it a "colossal waste of time and money". "Every Australian on the electoral roll will get a ballot paper as long as they are on the electoral roll and they will fill that in and have their say and their vote will be counted", Turnbull told the press. He added, "I'm a strong leader".

The Nationals have been staunch supporters of the plebiscite, with MP Andrew Broad warning the coalition could split if the policy was dumped.
They will join talks on the mechanics of a potential postal vote in Canberra on Tuesday". The women have since separated, and Ms Campbell was unable to obtain a divorce because the marriage between the two women was not recognised in Australia. The upper house Senate rejected a government proposal on the issue, stating a free vote in parliament was the best way of dealing with the matter.

"The Bill not only circumvents the government pledge for a plebiscite on the issue, it is manifestly deficient in its attempt to protect civil and religious freedoms for all Australians", he said.

'The rights of gays and lesbians in our country have to be achieved through more hurdles than the rights of other people, ' he said.

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