Patriots Become 1st NFL Franchise to Buy a Team Plane

Posted August 09, 2017

ESPN estimates the planes cost the Patriots $10 million each, which isn't that bad in the scheme of things. But the cost of charter travel is on the rise, and major airlines have begun retiring planes that teams use to fly around.

The planes were fitted with all first-class seating, and at least one of the planes was repainted with a team logo and five Lombardi trophies on the tail, ESPN said.

The New England Patriots are putting matters into their own hands when it comes to team travel. The planes are reportedly "extended range" aircraft, which will allow the team to fly for 12 hours non-stop - which will be useful for flights to London and other overseas locations.

The Pats bought not one, but two Boeing 767s so the team can always travel together in style without needing to worry about chartering a jet. Patriots spokesman Stacey James said team officials would not be publicly commenting on the acquisitions.

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This has caused National Football League teams to go with charter airlines driving up the costs. The sports network cited sources who said those 10 round-trips can cost up to $4 million every year.

What do you think of the Patriots new team plane?

Rovell also noted that purchasing personal planes might help athletes get an advantage in terms of recovery - an aspect that intrigued the Patriots prior to their big buy.

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