Pokemon GO players in U.S. will soon be able to catch Mewtwo

Posted August 18, 2017

The character was unlocked globally after it was first caught during a recent Japanese stadium event for the game. These will offer the player a chance to catch this powerful Pokemon by teaming up with other trainers. Don't worry, Niantic has got your back.

Niantic posted about a new "Exclusive Raid Battle" being introduced into Pokemon GO in the next few weeks.

After three weeks of insane hype where everyone tried to capture legendary birds as quickly as possible, it turns out that we needn't have hastened as much as we did to ensure we collected all three elemental birds plus Lugia before they disappeared for good.

It will be similar to Raid Battles except it will be exclusive and invite-only, appearing at various Gyms worldwide.

To get your hands on one of those, you'll have to participate regularly in raids. When the super rare creature arrives in the invite only Battle Raids, Pokemon GO players who have secured an invitation will want to make sure they have a strong roster ready for battle. To earn yourself an invitation, you need to have already defeated a Raid Boss at a Gym where the Exclusive Raid is due to take place.

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Mewtwo will be available as part of limited-time Exclusive Raid Battles. Should you be successful, you can try to catch the Pokémon that was defending.

As a Psychic Pokemon, Mewtwo takes extra damage from Dark, Bug and Ghost type Pokemon should players should have Pokemon like Gengar, Pinsir, Houndoom or Tyranitar in their party.

Mewtwo will be the next Legendary Pokemon added to Pokemon Go.

Lugia was also released during the mess that was Pokemon Go Fest.

The "trick" behind the OK Button Exploit is that if a player doesn't hit OK after catching a Raid Boss, that player's app won't confirm that they caught the Pokemon, thus increasing (or at least not decreasing) the likelihood that other players in a Raid Group catches the Pokemon.

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