Weather warning in place with heavy rain forecast

Posted August 22, 2017

If you had outdoor plans for this weekend, you may want to rethink them.

"Drier and brighter weather is likely to be more common in the South and East, with spells of rain and strong winds in the North and West".

Drivers have been warned to be cautious on Scotland's roads his morning after the tail end of Hurricane Gert brought heavy rain to the country.

The 1,000-mile wide Hurricane Gert is now sitting in the middle of the Atlantic, and is expected to drag warm currents from the Caribbean up to the UK.

Continuing changeable and unsettled weather is expected up until Monday. Rainfall should ease off later in the day, with some sunny spells to break through in the south.

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"Another low from the Atlantic will begin to make its presence known with warm front rain falling over Ireland and the south of the UK". Fog will form over the hills where the cloud thickens and it will turn more humid.

In the short-term forecast, this Wednesday is expected to see some high temperatures, with London and the South-East experiencing temperatures of up to 24 degrees. The rain will be persistent, Met Eireann reports, with the ongoing risk of spot flooding.

According to Met Éireann, Saturday will be mild but wet at times, while Sunday will be mostly overcast with outbreaks of rain.

"The wet and windy weather will most likely be to the north and west of the United Kingdom, so Scotland, Northern Ireland, north west England and North Wales will have a wet and windy weekend".

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