Rihanna : A note on her virginity the buzz is all about…

Posted September 09, 2017

"Her biggest memory growing up was how she looked when she did her makeup the first time for a beauty pageant and it was foundation, she really wanted everybody to feel that feeling she felt when she had her first trial". Beauty allows us to celebrate and highlight all of our different features. He asked on behalf of Rihanna's Caribbean fans whether the Fenty Beauty line would be coming to stores in the region - perhaps even Orign, the Limegrove Lifestyle Centre boutique in Barbados owned by her brother Rorrey Fenty.

She said her home country and family are luckily okay ...

The singer announced concealing and correcting sticks, powder and a universal lip gloss in the growing range.

There are seven different categories of products and each come in a mind-blowing assortment of variations to work for anyone, whether you're an ultra-light skin tone in the 100s or a deep skin tone in the 500s.

The entire Fenty Beauty collection drops at midnight, which means you're mere hours away from turning into a unicorn à la Rihanna. But thankfully, there's a major mogul who gets it: Rihanna.

ELLE: When did you first wear lipstick?

Hear Rihanna talk about why catering to a wide range of skin tones was important to her in the video below.

Rihanna launches Fenty Beauty cosmetic line tonight!
Bless Everything, Rihanna Dropped Images of Fenty Beauty

Details of the range had been under lock and key, and those lucky enough to get a sneak-peek had to sign a strict non-disclosure agreement agreeing to not post anything online until after the 9am embargo.

We have no doubt that Rihanna's collection will fill all our beauty dreams.

Another photo has the Bajan beauty, still sporting the massive highlighter, giving a generous view of her cleavage as she sports a strappy bra over a sparkling black top which she leaves unbuttoned.

But Pantone's colour of 2016 is all the rage.

Getty Images via ABCRihanna's highly-anticipated cosmetics line, Fenty Beauty, is now available.

The "Fenty Face" can be achieved by starting with the soft matte foundation to eliminate unwanted shine, layering on highlighter for a precise glow and finishing off by blotting as needed.

David Copperfield asked the "Diamond" star where she wants to go if she could time-travel.

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