Watch Florida stranger give woman last generator for her sick father-in-law

Posted September 10, 2017

A Lowe's Store in Orlando received a surprise shipment of more than 200 generators Thursday morning.

Pam Brekke had been waiting for days to buy hands on a generator in order to keep her sick father's oxygen supply powered, and traveled almost 30 miles to a Lowe's Home Improvement that had received a surprise shipment of about 200 generators on Thursday, WFTV-TV reported. Her father is ill and requires oxygen.

WFTV-TV's Nancy Alvarez posted on her Facebook page that a "total stranger" walked up to a woman in need of a generator at Lowe's to offer her his.

She broke down in tears when she just missed the last generator at the store. Brekke said her father is on oxygen, and that she was concerned that Hurricane Irma could knock out power in her home.

Pam Brekke was next in line and then turned away in tears.

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"I don't know him at all, " she told WESH.

"Everything is OK, everything is fine", Santiago told Brekke as the pair hugged, before she labeled him "a attractive man".

Mr Santiago put his arms around Ms Brekke and they shared a warm embrace as he reassured her everything would be okay. "It's okay. No worry for them".

Brekke said it's encouraging to see people help one another during such a stressful time. "He's helping our family", Brekke said. That is when Ramon Santiago stepped in.

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