Pope Francis Hopes Trump Rethinks His Decision To End DACA Program

Posted September 12, 2017

"We are called upon to be fearless, to have that evangelical courage which springs from knowing that there are many who are hungry, who hunger for God, who hunger for dignity, because they have been deprived", the Pope said. Francis, known for his own simple and austere style, said Claver was "austere and charitable to the point of heroism". "They speak very clearly, scientists are precise".

9 visited Medellin, epicenter of Colombia's narco wars of the 1980s and asked that God convert the hearts of the "drug assassins" who cut short so many young lives.

"We could ask the pope to intervene directly for dialogue", said Venezuelan housewife Nancy Pugliese, 35, who attended Francis's visit in Cartagena. The "sins" that occurred during years of conflict causes souls to become sick - but this illness is not culpable; it is caused by "ugly sins".

Pope Francis also called on Trump to reconsider his decision to end the DACA program (Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals), introduced by his predecessor Barack Obama, an amnesty for young people, known as "Dreamers", who were brought to the United States undocumented as children.

"It's not something to play with", the Pope said.

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You can't keep a good Pope down. He concluded: "young people today need to find again their roots, and whatever goes against the roots takes away their hopes".

Francis acknowledged that he had not studied the particulars of DACA, but said "removing young people from their family is not a thing that bears good fruit, neither for the young person nor the family".

Pope Francis has told Colombian Catholics that faith is not measured by how well they follow rules, but by the depth of their prayer life and the degree to which it pushes them to share the Gospel. But, he said, this is not enough. But he said governments have to manage refugee flows "with prudence", taking into account how many people it can successfully integrate into its society. Migrants, he said, must not only be welcomed, but integrated. He added that attachment to money "has effects on creation, and also on so many other questions, like that of arms".

Pope Francis appealed to the United Nations on Monday to help Venezuela end a deadly economic, political and social crisis.

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