NES Classic Edition Will Be Back Next Year: Nintendo

Posted September 13, 2017

Nintendo also confirmed that the Super NES Classic Edition, due for release on September 29, will continue shipping into 2018 (previously, shipments were going to cease at the end of the year). In the same press release, Nintendo announced that they will bring back the NES Classic in the summer of 2018 with new shipments, something they had stated they were not going to do as its production was discontinued.

Despite hurricanes, nuclear threats and the god bad return of the bloody X Factor, one shining glimmer of light remains: Nintendo have announced that the Classic NES Mini is returning to the production line.

This is great news for fans that'd missed out on the NES Mini console, as well as for those who'd missed out on a preorder for the SNES Mini. The SNES Classic includes games like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Super Mario World.

To be blunt, you're pretty much screwed. But this time, Nintendo has promised to produce far more Super NES Classic Edition consoles than it did with last year's NES Classic Edition. The SNES Classic which was slated to end shipments this year, expects more consoled to be released on September 29 for North America.

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The re-launch date has not been confirmed yet but the famicom Mini is coming back to stores and when it does, it will be a fun $80 that you could spend to make the most out of the upcoming holiday season with 30 wonderful classic titles from the NES Classic, as well as the SNES edition.

Excitement was high for the pint-sized NES when it was announced in the summer of 2016, but only a small handful of pre-order opportunities ever surfaced.

The announcement was made via Nintendo's Japanese Twitter account. However, today seems to be a good day for Millennials after the hopeful words the video game company gave them. Nintendo promises to produce more of these systems than the NES minis.

"We know you are hungry for more details; on specs, games, pricing, timing", reads an Atari statement.

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