Trump Retweets Mock Video of Golf Shot Knocking Over Hillary

Posted September 18, 2017

The vivified GIF picture Trump retweeted joined together film of Trump taking a swing on a golf course with film of Clinton stumbling and falling as she loaded onto a plane in 2011 as secretary of state.

It's unclear why the president would choose this moment to mock Clinton, whom he defeated in the presidential election last November. The footage is edited to make it appear as though Clinton is hit in the back with a golf ball before her fall.

"The "deplorables" came back to haunt Hillary.They expressed their feelings loud and clear".

Some pointed out that while the retweet may have been motivated by little more than an attempt at humor and a reference to golf, one of the president's most frequent hobbies, but there's little comedy to be found in any suggestion of physical violence, especially against a female political opponent. "She spent big money but, in the end, had no game!".

David Urban, a former Trump campaign adviser, was dismissive on CNN's "State of the Union".

California Sanctuary State bill approved by State Assembly
The bill will prevent local police from becoming "cogs in the Trump deportation machine", de Leon said. The Trump administration is playing politics with public safety.

His profile also includes a link to his account on, a growing social media site championing free speech that has become a favorite of some of the white nationalists Twitter has banned for harassment or hate speech.

While some Twitter users praised Trump for his "sense of humour" following the golf ball retweet, others berated him.

The tweet, which came as Trump prepares to head to NY for a critical round of powerhouse diplomacy with world leaders at the United Nations, followed a week during which Clinton reemerged in the spotlight as she promoted her new book, "What Happened", about the 2016 campaign, reviving her fiercest criticisms of Trump and his supporters and reigniting the debate about her stunning, unanticipated loss.

"It doesn't help, I think, in terms of his stature".

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