New Star Trek leads to 'record' CBS SVOD sign-ups

Posted September 26, 2017

The former NASA researcher and author of Star Trek Science Logs also gave us his expert opinion on how the science and physics of Discovery compare to the long-time scientific legacy of its predecessors thus far.

According to a report by Deadline, 9.6 million people tuned into CBS on Sunday night to watch the premiere of the long-awaited first episode of the latest Star Trek series. Additionally, all future episodes will be released on over-the-top streaming service in the United States on Sundays.

Sopan Deb from New York Times in his review of the first episode wrote, "The pilot, titled "The Vulcan Hello", was full of promise, high-stakes and a few worrying signs for the rest of the series". "After Trek" hits CBS All Access at 9:30 p.m. ET.

"Discovery" had a two-part series opener but the second part is still behind a pay wall.

CBS has not been specific about how many subscribers it has for All Access and for its direct-to-consumer version of Showtime. Or will she try to discover a new role for herself?

Spock's signature knockout move from The Original Series makes a reappearance via Vulcan-raised Burnham, who uses the nerve pinch to knock out her superior officer (though not for very long - perhaps its ineffectiveness due to the well-known difficulty of non-Vulcans mastering the technique).

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What do you think about the Star Trek: Discovery premiere ratings?

Returning to the time of the original series and positioning Star Trek Discovery as a prequel series invites comparisons to the first iteration of Star Trek. After promising him that we wouldn't reveal his take on the new show until after CBS's embargo was lifted, he told us: "It's pretty different from what I expected". As T'Kuvma, Obi is fierce and warlike, while the Klingons themselves come across as more alien and fearsome than any previous iterations (we're OK with the changes in their look because, let's face it, previous Klingon appearances were limited by TV makeup budgets).

Still, if that represents a fresh approach distribution-wise, where "Discovery" feels weakest is in the fundamental qualities that have defined the best "Trek" series - namely, the strength of the interplay among its characters.

When will Star Trek: Discovery show air? . As a lifelong fan drawn to the Star Trek franchise for its diverse casts, I am thrilled to see-as the lead-a woman of color with a mysterious backstory (how is she related to Spock?), and a compelling premise (mutineer-turned-savior).

Thankfully, the premiere has proved the naysayers wrong; Star Trek Discovery is actually pretty good.

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