USA approach to North Korea is 'dead end road', says Russian Federation

Posted September 30, 2017

A senior diplomat of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) left Monday for Moscow to hold talks with Russian officials on unspecified issues, the official Korean Central News Agency reported.

Burmistrov spoke then with North Korean Vice Foreign Minister Sin Hong Chol, who said Pyongyang would continue to strengthen its nuclear capabilities and would not negotiate on them with the US unless Washington abandoned its hostile policy, the official Korean Central News Agency reported at the time.

He visited North Korea in late July where he presented a step-by-step solution to the crisis on the Korean peninsula, South Korean newspaper Hankook Ilbo reported Wednesday.

Choe met with Russia's top envoy to Pyongyang Alexander Matsegora last week to discuss situations on the Korean Peninsula, Moscow's embassy in the North said.

Russian Federation might be trying to get involved in back-channel diplomacy between Pyongyang and Washington, the sources said.

Any missile fired at the USA by the totalitarian dictatorship would most likely fly over the North Pole and may even have to be destroyed over Russian Federation itself.

U.S. flies B1 bombers, F-15 jets off North Korea coast
Trump and Kim have been trading insults and threats . over Pyongyang's nuclear ambitions and each have threatened military action. Since Kim came to power after the death of his father Kim Jong Il in 2011, he has ramped up nuclear and missile weapon tests.

The US and South Korea most recently flew eight fighter jets and two bombers near North Korea in mid-September as a "routine" show of force.

"There needs to be a mediator between both sides in order to prevent conflict". "War on the Korean peninsula will have no victor".

He said: "We hope the United States and North Korean politicians have sufficient political judgment to realise that resorting to military force will never be a viable way to resolve the peninsula issue and their own concerns".

Kim responded that Trump was "mentally deranged" and a "dotard" who would "pay dearly" for his threats.

Ulyanov said sanctions would not be enough to solve the North Korean issue.

The Kremlin called the flights "highly undesirable" on Tuesday, after the United States deployed B-1B Lancers near North Korea's eastern coast on Saturday, local time.

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