Paramount Pictures Nab Rights to Sonic the Hedgehog Movie

Posted October 05, 2017

This includes Deadpool director Tim Miller as executive producer, and his Blur Studio collaborator Jeff Fowler as the director. Moritz, who recently signed a first look deal with Paramount, will be producing the project.

Sonic the Hedgehog was initially confirmed as a live-action/computer animated hybrid film in 2014. Sonic uses his stature as world's fastest hedgehog to move at supersonic speed to protect his friends from their enemies.

It will also be interesting how the production team will be able to create a compelling narrative in which the video game characters can be fleshed out.

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Miller has praised Fowler, calling him "an incredible director with strong story instincts".

The upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie hit a bit of a bumper today when Sony let their film rights expire. Sony Pictures previously had the rights to the video game character, but now Sonic has landed with Paramount Pictures. Sonic is a character who is versatile enough to work in any number of situations, and has a universal, dare we say it, Disney-esque appeal that many video game protagonists lack.

The series to date has sole more than 360 million copies across various gaming platforms. Sonic has had a comic book series and many cartoons, but never a feature length film. The film will blend live-action and CGI animation, bringing Sonic the Hedgehog to North American cinemas for the first time ever (if you don't count Wreck-It Ralph).

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