Iran nuclear deal: Tehran threatens to 'shred' agreement if USA withdraws support

Posted October 19, 2017

“If Iran is compliant, if the European Union and China and Russian Federation continue to consider that the JCPOA (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) can be applied, then that means the USA would have to take unilateral sanctions.,” Pouyanne said in the interview published on Tuesday. "That it is possible to renegotiate bad agreements, it's possible to renegotiate a flawed agreement and take out the flaws and presently President Trump's strategy to reopen the Iran agreement, to remove the flaws and produce an agreement that will safely protect the interests of the West is the only reasonable approach".

Trump also radically changed the U.S. approach to the relationship between the nuclear deal and Iran's backing for terror.

And Iran threatened the USA with "retaliation" if Trump took any action, even vowing to destroy Israel if the agreement was ripped up.

Iran claims it is developing nuclear weapons purely for defensive purposes. Pouyanne has said Total would withdraw from Iran if obliged by law. If Trump ditched the deal, "Iran will shred it".

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Trump's new program covers not just nuclear matters, but also Iran's missile program, support for terror, and regional aspirations that threaten the national security interests of the United States and its allies in the Middle East.

Mr. Khamenei said: "they must avoid interfering in our defence programme. We do not accept that Europe sings along with America's bullying and its unreasonable demands", Khamenei said. Why do you have missiles yourselves?

"While the USA government continuously is acting against the Iranian nation with imposing new sanctions and creating economic difficulties, against Iraqis and Syrians with growing terrorism, against Yemeni people with bombarding them, and against the people of Bahrain with supporting dictators, they label Iran as a supporter of terrorism without providing any evidence".

The Leader further hit back at Trump's anti-Iran allegations and said US President Donald Trump shows stupidity, but this should not distract Iran from the Americans' deceitfulness. "Why do YOU have nuclear weapons?"

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