Xbox One Fall Update available now

Posted October 19, 2017

You can start downloading 4K enhancements for games ahead of time from your current console, so you can move them to your Xbox One X after launch and play them immediately. Once you've added blocks, you can remove or change the order of the blocks as you see fit. Furthermore, it can now be customizable into three aesthetic options: dark, light, and high-contrast.

The Xbox One Fall update focuses on personalization; the major change here is the revamping of the Home Screen.

The new Xbox One dashboard is now available for all Xbox One and Xbox One S users, with "more great features" coming soon.

However, if you own a switch things are also looking opaque for it as of now because Niantic is getting the final update ready some bug fixing and finishing up last minute touches; which are remaining before it gets released later after the X box does. Game Hubs have been redesigned to contain all the best content on the welcome page. For more on what's been added, head over to Xbox Wire for the full, exhaustive list of new content and features.

Recent activity can now be accessed faster with the new profile settings.

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Microsoft has been gradually improving the Xbox One dashboard to make the experience as fluid and simple as possible. You can also back up games and console settings to an external drive or copy over your home network for a network transfer from one console to another.

The Mixer tab on the dashboard will now display broadcast previews so you can see what's going on in popular streams before you join them.

It'll also rearrange your notifications if you haven't turned your console on for a while, providing you with all the most important notifications/activities that you've missed first. You'll also be able to filter for games that are "Xbox One X Enhanced", both in the store and in your library.

Xbox Assist can help you when you have a problem. I've had issues with Xbox downloads being seriously throttled in the past - my 75mb internet speed crawling along at 10-20mb most of the time.

For those of you who aren't wanting to upgrade to an X, though, the Fall Update will still hopefully be a worthy upgrade.

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