Sanders holds White House news briefing

Posted November 01, 2017

The indictments of two former Trump campaign aides on Monday have nothing to do with President Donald Trump or his campaign and show no evidence of collusion between the campaign and Russian Federation, a White House spokeswoman said.

A Trump campaign supervisor encouraged Papadopoulos to make the trip "if it is feasible" on August 15, 2016.

The plea was unsealed Monday, but his sentencing hearing will be scheduled later.

Sanders would not comment on whether Mr. Trump regrets hiring certain members of the campaign, including former 2016 campaign chairman Paul Manafort and his former business associate Rick Gates, who were both indicted Monday morning on 12 separate counts, including conspiracy against the United States.

According to court documents, Papadopolous' false statements to the Federal Bureau of Investigation concerned his contact with a professor with connections to the Russian government about "thousands of emails" that could damage Hillary Clinton. She continued that "no activity was ever done in an official capacity on behalf of the campaign in that regard".

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When asked about that later in the briefing, Sanders insisted that it was only one meeting between Trump campaign officials and Russian officials, while trying to say that Clinton's campaign was actually involved in colluding with Russia.

As she spoke, CNN cited its report that Trump was "seething" behind the scenes after reports of the indictments on Monday, and noted that Trump has frequently tweeted about the probe.

She did note that Trump has no intentions to fire Mueller.

All of the charges fell short of implicating Mr. Trump or campaign officials in conspiring with Russian Federation to affect the outcome of the election.

"The real collusion scandal, as we've said several times before, has everything to do with the Clinton campaign, Fusion GPS and Russian Federation". CBS News justice reporter Paula Reid, however, said her sources still maintain that the investigation is not winding down and could in fact take years to be wrapped up.

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