Change fire alarm batteries, too

Posted November 06, 2017

St. Lawrence County residents are set to turn their clocks back tonight, and the Firemen's Association of NY is urging people to check their smoke alarm batteries. Tennesseans should turn their clocks backward one hour at 2:00am on Sunday, November 5th, 2017. "Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms can only save your life if they are functioning".

The American Red Cross asks homeowners to perform smoke alarms maintenance this weekend as Daylight Savings Time ends. More than half of the non-working smoke alarms either had missing or disconnected batteries.

Alarms should never be disconnected and batteries should never be removed.

Since you can not (and should not) replace the lithium battery, replace the entire smoke alarm according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Belgian killed in NY truck attack: minister
According to media reports, Argentina's foreign ministry, in an official statement , confirmed the news and condemned the attack. Ten Argentinian schoolmates came to NY to celebrate the 30th anniversary of their high school graduation.

All too often, a battery is removed and not replaced, putting a home's occupants at risk.

Take time for home fire safety; change your smoke alarm batteries. They moved to another area of their home and were alerted by their smoke detector of an issue. Make sure everyone in the household knows how to get out of every room and how to get out of the home in less than two minutes.

If your smoke detector is over 10 years old, replace it with a new one.

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