Villagers In Niger Reveal New Details Surrounding The Ambush Of US Troops

Posted November 12, 2017

Villagers in the remote Niger village of Tongo Tongo say that the body of U.S. Army Sgt.

The Pentagon said that those men were killed in action and that their bodies were found within hours of the firefight. Johnson's wrists were bound with rope, and he sustained a gaping wound at the back of his head, as if he was struck by something.

A US military official with knowledge of the investigation acknowledged that Johnson's body appeared viciously battered, but told the Post that his hands were not bound when they received his body.

Sgt. La David Johnson, the dead USA soldier whose wife Donald Trump disrespected during a condolence phone call, was found with his arms bound after being killed in a Niger ambush in October. The Post reports that Boubacar found Johnson's remains about a mile away from the ambush site, lying face down, the back of his head had been smashed by something.

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"His two arms were tied behind his back", Adamou Boubacar, 23, a farmer, told the paper in a phone interview. After that, Boubacar told the village chief and Chief Mounkaila Alassane relayed the information to the Nigerian military forces. His shoes had also been taken.

Our thoughts continue to go to the Johnson family at this time. Lawmakers have said they've received insufficient and conflicting information.

Pentagon officials said this week that the investigation into the deadly ambush is expected to be completed in January 2018.

Johnson's widow, Myeshia, was attacked on social media after receiving a controversial condolence call from President Donald Trump about the death of her husband. After she noted that the President was callous, saying her husband "knew what he signed up for".

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