South Korea Military: Strike Range of New N Korean Missile Reaches 13000km

Posted December 04, 2017

On Wednesday the North launched a test launch and on Thursday released dozens of photos of the missile in the paper and online editions of the ruling party's official daily.

The North's Hwasong-15 is considerably larger than the regime's previous ICBM, the Hwasong-14, and is created to deliver larger warheads, South Korea's Defense Ministry said in a report to lawmakers.

President Donald Trump tweeted that he spoke with Chinese President Xi Jinping about Pyongyang's "provocative actions", and he vowed that "additional major sanctions would be imposed on North Korea today". She was part of a delegation of Russian lawmakers just back from a visit to North Korea.

The warning came after Pyongyang tested its first missile in two months. Previous estimates of exactly how high the missile traveled vary, but the projectile seems to have reached at least some 3,000 miles, and was described as being capable of striking anywhere on the globe.

The US's ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, on Wednesday said that the US was not seeking war with North Korea but that the latest launch "brings us closer to war".

Ms Haley warned that "continued acts of aggression" were only serving to further destabilise the region.

Separately, the council will meet to discuss human rights abuses in North Korea on 11 December.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un pumps his fist while he watches the flight data of the Hwasong-15 missile in this
South Korea Military: Strike Range of New N Korean Missile Reaches 13000km

China also suggested the North should stop the tests in return for a halt to United States military exercises - a proposal Washington has rejected in the past.

Mr Xi said China would like to keep up communications with the U.S. and all other related parties and "jointly push the nuclear issue toward the direction of peaceful settlement via dialogues and negotiations", according to Xinhua. This is important given the calls for a tightening of global sanctions against North Korea.

The US remains determined to stop North Korea from building a credible nuclear force, but it's looking less likely it will be able to do so diplomatically.

He said this is probably much lighter than any real nuclear payload the North can produce.

Although North Korea has rejected accusations of such abuses, a 2014 United Nations report said North Korean security chiefs, possibly including the country's leader, Kim Jong Un, should face justice for overseeing a state-controlled system of Nazi-style atrocities.

Experts say the height reached by the inter-continental ballistic missile (ICBM) indicates Washington could be within range, although North Korea is yet to prove it has reached its aim of miniaturising a nuclear warhead.

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