At Pensacola rally, Trump says 'get out and vote for Roy Moore'

Posted December 11, 2017

During his speech Friday night, Trump also urged voters to choose embattled Republican candidate Roy Moore in next week's Alabama Senate race despite sexual misconduct allegations.

He said Doug Jones will be "completely controlled" by the Democrats and declared that they need someone in that Senate seat who will support his agenda.

Trump, who overcame allegations of sexual misconduct to win last year's presidential election, looked past the charges against Moore and formally endorsed the former Alabama judge this past week for the seat once held by Jeff Sessions, now USA attorney general.

President Donald Trump returned on Friday to one of the pivotal states that gave him the presidency past year, even while delivering a message to its neighbor to the west: Reject Democrat Doug Jones in the Alabama Senate race.

Although Nelson has emphasized that the yearbook note itself is from Moore, her notation is likely to fuel the skepticism of Moore supporters, who have said the entire yearbook entry is a fabrication. The Pelosi/Schumer Puppet Jones would vote against us 100% of the time.

Republican Senatorial candidate Roy Moore speaks during a campaign event at Oak Hollow Farm on December 5 in Fairhope, Alabama. "Ah, what are we gonna do - Gloria Allred, anytime you see her, you know something's going wrong". Then in a small, whiny voice, Trump noted, "There was a little mistake made, she started writing things in the yearbook - what are we gonna do?"

Alabama voters twice have elected Moore to the Alabama Supreme Court, where he won the office of chief justice in 2000 and 2012.

He also mocked one of the women who has accused Moore of pursuing a sexual relationship with her when she was a teenager and he was in his 30s.

"We can not afford, the future of this country can not afford to lose the seat", Mr Trump said, referring to his party's razor-thin 52-48 advantage in that chamber of Congress.

Utah lawmakers clap back at Bannon after he trashes Romney
Romney has not made a formal announcement of his plans, it's been reported that he would step in should Mr. Kellyanne Conway said on CNN Wednesday that the two had a "wonderful conversation".

"Did you see that?" "I never molested anyone, and for them to say that, I don't know why they're saying it, but it's not true".

The race is too close to call.

"I had no encounter with them", he said.

A large number of Alabama residents were in the audience at Trump's rally at the packed Pensacola Bay Center.

"During that period of time, there were teenage girls that were dating older men", said Wright, noting that: "I had people in my high school that dated guys in their twenties".

White House spokesperson Raj Shah said the president and White House have made clear that the Moore allegations are "troubling and concerning" and "should be taken seriously". But in the end, it is the vast majority of Alabamans who have always voted Republican who must examine their consciences.

"You don't even want to say people", Mr Trump said.

U.S. president Donald Trump has touted his efforts to secure the homeland, saying his administration is "taking care of our citizens at home" by defeating the Islamic State overseas. "Terrible. Terrible", Trump said.

"People are realising that they don't have to vote Republican", Howell said.

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