WWE Suspends Rich Swann Indefinitely Following Arrest On Battery and Kidnapping Charges

Posted December 11, 2017

WWE has suspended wrestler Rich Swann indefinitely after Swann was arrested by Gainesville, Florida police early Sunday morning on charges of battery and false imprisonment. Swann was driving a vehicle and apparently began critiquing Riggs' performance at a wrestling show, earlier in the night. The Vic got scared that the argument was going to escalate and got out of the vehicle in the area of 2400 SE Hawthorne Rd. Swann, on the other hand, told police that he didn't grab Riggs and put her into the vehicle, saying he never touched her at all and that she got back into the auto on her own. Fearing the argument was going to get physical, Riggs excited the vehicle.

Fox News reported that 26-year-old former WWE cruiserweight champion Rich Swann is being held without bail in a Florida jail.

There was more the one witness to the event, which continued as Swann also exited the vehicle and let it continue to roll (resulting in the auto hitting a telephone pole, according to one witness). After a show Riggs performed at in Gainesville, the report says Swann was getting angry with Riggs after making remarks on her performance. Swann allegedly grabbed her by the arm and neck, and put her in a headlock.

When confronted with the physical attack on his wife, Swann denied that he touched her.

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Swann and Riggs have been in a relationship for five years, having only married nine months ago. He is now being held at Alachua County Jail in Gainesville, Florida and has been charged with kidnapping and false imprisonment, as well as battery - touching or striking. He has been charged with Kidnapping/False imprisonment.

Swann, a rising star in WWE, has been suspended following the incident as per a zero tolerance domestic violence policy.

The arrest report has indicated that Swann and Riggs were involved in an argument after Riggs had competed in a wrestling match in Gainesville. WWE did the right thing by suspending Swann right away.

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