US Reportedly Planning to Attack North Korea to Stop its Nuclear Program

Posted December 22, 2017

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has reached out numerous times to North Korea pushing diplomatic negotiations, but Trump admonished him publicly on Twitter and has repeatedly threatened North Korea and insulted its leader, Kim Jong Un. There appears to be a split in the rhetoric between Tillerson and Trump.

The National Security Agency has suggested links between the ransomware and the North Korea regime as early as June this year.

"This move is a grave political provocation by the U.S. aimed at inducing the global society into a confrontation against the DPRK by tarnishing the image of the dignified country and demonizing it", the spokesperson said.

The May attack encrypted files on more than 300,000 computers in 150 countries, with victims including hospitals, banks, telecommunications companies and warehouses.

But when US Navy ships fired 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at a Syrian airfield, President Donald Trump had the world's support in attacking a nation accused of using chemical weapons on its own people.

"Crystal clear is the objective of the U.S. to try to link to the issue of cyberattack at this very moment when it is hell-bent on making a harshest sanctions resolution against us", the North Korea spokesman said.

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As cyberattacks take aim at larger targets and higher ransoms, and with the price of bitcoin spiking, CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz said there's "absolutely" reason to believe North Korea has an appreciating pile of bitcoin to fund future attacks.

"We do not make this allegation lightly".

On Tuesday the United Kingdom came out in support of the USA accusations.

"We condemn these actions and commit ourselves to working with all responsible states to combat destructive criminal use of cyberspace".

The attack exploited a Windows vulnerability that was originally developed by the US National Security Agency, but was released in a stolen cache of NSA cyberweapons by a hacking group known as the Shadow Brokers.

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