Virginia Parents Killed By Daughter's Neo-Nazi Boyfriend

Posted December 25, 2017

A Virginia couple was found fatally shot in their home on Friday, and a 17-year-old, who is in the hospital with self-inflicted gunshot wounds, is being charged with their deaths. "They were another piece of this group yet we as a whole truly enjoyed them in particular".

Buckley Kuhn-Fricker was an elder care expert and licensed attorney, according to her company website. At one point this summer, Kuhn-Fricker's daughter told her that the boy was good at history and she asked "Did you know that Jews are partly to blame to WWII?"

The Washington Post reported Saturday the suspect had been dating the couple's daughter, but that the family had recently persuaded her to break up with him because he espoused neo-Nazi philosophies. The young lady in the long run concurred it was to her greatest advantage to end the relationship, the Post detailed.

The parents according to fox5dc were concerned that their daughter's involvement with the 17 year old youth would bring 'hate into their homes'.

In her email to school staff, she said the boy was a "monster" who was 'spreading hate'.

The girl's family staged an intervention Wednesday, took her to a friend's house in Washington, D.C., and tried to convince her to stay away from him.

Kuhn said a detective revealed that her daughter and son-in-law went to check on her granddaughter in the early hours of Friday morning, after possibly hearing a sound.

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Kuhn said the late parents had told her about an image the boy allegedly shared on a social media account that depicted "a picture of a skeletal face, blood dripping".

Neighbors said that Buckley Kuhn-Flicker's adult son arrived for the holidays on Thursday, and so did Scott Fricker's parents.

At some stage afterwards, he pulled the weapon on them, police say.

The police allegedly haven't found a rationale yet family members and companions pointed the finger at it on "the couple's battle to keep detest out of their home", the Post announced, refering to family members.

The quote is commonly attributed to Irish philosopher and statesman Edmund Burke.

Buckley was my friend and defied the darkness growing in this country.

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