Instagram is adding a 'recommended' post on to your feed

Posted January 01, 2018

These posts are suggested based on posts liked by accounts you follow.

Instagram revealed that the new feature will not get in the way of accounts you specifically follow and will instead reveal itself when you've seen all the posts on offer on your feed from people you follow.

The new section, "Recommended for You", is clearly labeled so as not to be confused with your own home feed.

BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, has put together a report on social media demographics that highlights the key audience demographics for six major social platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. However, fans are expecting to have more information in the coming months. This is nearly the same as the new "Explore Feed" that was launched by Facebook. However, a spokesperson did confirm that the recommended posts will only appear once users have gone through their own feed.

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Recently, Instagram has been focused on broadening access to posts and content beyond accounts that users follow.

This feature may already be in the works for several other smartphone applications. Earlier this month, the company introduced a way to allow users to follow hashtags - in other words, you can now follow your interests, not just accounts. For the hashtags, you can easily opt in and out voluntarily.

It's very hard though to see why this could be a problem for anyone. Besides, the recommended posts will only appear once you have viewed all the stories on your timeline. In early December, the social media platform rolled out testing for their "Recommended for You" section.

IG hasn't yet confirmed a date that the "Recommended for You" transformation will be complete on both iOS and Android.

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