Razer Project Linda is a laptop house for your smartphone

Posted January 10, 2018

Once plugged in, the phone's display transfers to the laptop's 4K 120 Mhz touchscreen display, with the smaller screen acting as either a touchpad or a secondary display.

Unfortunately, there's no word on when Razer estimates it could make the Android laptop/phone hybrid concept a reality, or what price point the computer giant might be targeting. That's huge for someone playing a competitive mobile game like Vainglory, and something that could provide a competitive edge. There is 200GB of storage space inside the laptop, plus a 53.6Wh battery that not only drives the screen and keyboard, but can charge a docked Razer Phone over three times without connection to a power supply. This turns your phone into a workstation terminal that is better suited to tasks like typing or even web meetings over Skype. Samsung has its DeX Station, which is a tiny dock that enables you to connect your phone to a television or monitor as well as a keyboard and a mouse.

Now that you know how Project Linda looks, do you think it's an interesting concept? The Razer Phone runs on Android 7.1 "Nougat", with full access to the Google Play Store and available apps.

"Android power users and laptop enthusiasts share a need for performance in a mobile form factor, which we provide with our award-winning Razer Phone and Razer laptops", Razer co-founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan said.

Razer Project Linda is a laptop house for your smartphone
Razer Project Linda is a laptop house for your smartphone

The laptop itself has a full-size Razer Chroma keyboard, with the same multi-million-color set of backlighting options, plus some keyboard layout tweaks specially for Android. So you slide in your smartphone and boot the laptop up to get this laptop running directly from the smartphone with it acting as they extra large touchpad.

As CES 2018 kicks off into full gear, Razer has revealed their Project Linda concept which aims to bring their gaming lap tops and phones together for the ultimate portable game experience.

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However, it is not a traditional gaming laptop despite having the same design language as per the company's Blade gaming laptops.

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