Nelly's Girlfriend Defends Rapper Amid New Sexual Assault Accusations

Posted January 28, 2018

In Nelly's countersuit, obtained by Pitchfork, he asserts her sexual assault allegations are false.

Nelly is seeking to have her defamation lawsuit dismissed and wants the judge to strike Greene's other claims that he additionally sexually assaulted two other women.

Described as a mother, married woman and member of the U.S military stationed in the United Kingdom at the time of the incident, Jane Doe 1 claims the rapper blocked her from exiting the room when she took his hand off of her leg, signaling her lack of consent.

Nelly's counterclaim also asserts that Greene intentionally made the allegations in order to damage his reputation.

However an amended complaint included within the lawsuit, now includes fresh allegations of sexual assault from two new women.

It alleges that on separate occasions in June 2016 and December 2017, Nelly invited the women to private after-parties and assaulted them.

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Jane Doe 2 says she too attended a Nelly concert and after he asked her to follow him to his room so they could get to know each other, he closed the door, stood in front of it, and dropped his drawers.

The countersuit comes after the accuser, Monique Greene, claimed Nelly raped her in October 2017. Then, the woman objected and moved away but he masturbated in front of her once more, saying he wanted "to come in your mouth and all over you".

Greene, who waived her anonymity, was working at the Seattle club where Nelly had performed the previous evening and said he attacked her on the bus after inviting her there for a party. She says at a meet-and-greet opportunity after his performance, Nelly invited her to his dressing room twice; her friends were allegedly prevented by a security guard from going along. Nelly allegedly yelled after her, "C**t!"

She subsequently launched a defamation lawsuit against the 43-year-old, who, in since-released police reports, confessed they did have oral and vaginal sex, but insisted it was fully consensual.

The suit also notes that the date Greene declined to cooperate with prosecutors was the same day that actress Alyssa Milano began tweeting #MeToo and "brought momentum to the anti-sexual assault movement".

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