Amazon Prime Exclusive phones to ditch lock screen ads

Posted February 07, 2018

Finally, Amazon confirmed that the Prime Exclusive phone lineup will still exist for Prime members and that unlocked devices will still be available with a discount from the standard price tag. However, because Amazon doesn't plan to serve up ads any longer, Phonescooper has claimed Amazon will raise the cost of all Prime Exclusive phones by $20 starting 7 February. If there aren't any, your lock screen background is replaced by an ad. Amazon says these ads are going away completely on all newly purchased Prime phones as of tomorrow (February 7th). Now, Prime Exclusive phones are getting much more compelling with news that Amazon is removing the lock screen ads. It's also unclear if smaller, notification-based ads will still appear over the devices.

Thanks to facial recognition and fingerprint sensors, most people don't really look at their lock screens anymore. The company said it is doing this so that you can more easily use your phone's fast-unlock technologies.

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Amazon announced on Tuesday that it will remove the ads from the discounted Android phones on its Amazon Prime Exclusive Phones program on Wednesday.

There are now some solid smartphone options available on the Prime Exclusive Phones site, and these prices will change tomorrow. Future Amazon Prime Exclusive handsets will be available only to those who have signed up for membership to Prime, and will be sold unlocked. There will still be ads in the Amazon Widget app, and the phone will still collect information about "your use of your device, including your device's system and stability, applications and services on the device, and your device's interaction with software, applications, and services on the device". The update will arrive as an update to the Amazon Offers app on Google Play. Ditching the ads makes the Prime Edition phones even better deals than they already were.

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