Sea of Thieves Will Have Microtransactions 3 Months After Launch

Posted February 15, 2018

Sea of Thieves will be released on 20 March for Xbox One and PC.

"The buzz and the excitement we're seeing around the studio, around the game now - it's very reassuring". This will be Rare's first PC release, and because the game will be a Microsoft Store exclusive, the game studio has a lot of pressure on its hands to meet the expectations of hardcore PC gamers.

The first paid content for the game will come in the form of pets.

At the start of your adventure, Sea of Thieves will generate eight pirates based on random components like race, gender, age, body type etc.

Given the emphasis on truly co-operative play in Sea of Thieves, we also took the opportunity to ask if local co-op had been considered for the game, alongside online co-op.

Missions include taking over skeleton forts, which are filled with warriors and are overseen by a captain, the newspaper says. According to the team Skeleton Forts will be quite a hard fight for players but will be rewarding, so rewarding that it apparently all won't fit in the one ship.

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You can also take part in ship-to-ship combat, and hunt down creatures such as the legendary kraken with the help of all the players on the map. But obviously they won't get hurt, and they will come back.

KitGuru Says: It seems as though the folks over at Rare have their heads screwed on despite recent controversies.

No, Sea of Thieves won't be diving into that territory.

However, when interviewed by Metro GameCentral, Rare's Executive Producer Joe Neate actually revealed that there will be some ways to earn these items usually purchased with microtransactions in the game itself, though details on how that will work haven't been nailed down just yet. I desperately want us to be able to fire other stuff out of cannons, including monkeys and other animals, just because it's fun, right? If you do find yourself being ambushed by a rival group, the combat system is varied enough to let some party members use a variety of weapons ranging from handguns to sniper rifles.

Rare is going overboard with performance recommendations for its upcoming nautical adventure, Sea of Thieves, including a promise that the Windows PC version of the game is created to run even on underpowered rigs.

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