Donovan Mitchell edges Larry Nance in NBA's Slam Dunk contest

Posted February 21, 2018

LeBron is a fan of the game and likes all four participants of the dunk contest, but it's no surprise he chooses his teammates first, as he always has his whole career.

Mitchell's third dunk was arguably his most hard of the night.

It's a mortal lock that at least one dunk on Saturday night will earn a ideal score.

Rookie sensation and ex-Cardinal Donovan Mitchell stole the show on All-Star Saturday Night. It will be at his former National Basketball Association home, the Staples Center, as Nance was recently traded from the Lakers to the Cleveland Cavaliers. We hope he proves it again this weekend.

It was a cool dunk, but it wasn't a reverse 360.

Following his first flawless 50-point alley-oop dunk with one hand, Mitchell's final and winning dunk saw him break out into a Vince Carter Raptors jersey to complete his replication of the "It's over" pose used by Carter in 2000. He replicated to near perfection.

Larry Nance Jr. jokes with reporters after the dunk contest about Julius Erving acting as a judge for the competition and potentially reducing his scores as a revenge tactic.

Logic tells us there is a zero percent chance that any player in the 3-Point Shootout would try to bank in a three-pointer, so you'd have to get totally lucky here that someone goes glass. With more and more three-point shots being taken with each passing season, this year's contest is sure to be a good one. It's a risky approach because it doesn't guarantee you'll make it there.

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Washington's Bradley Beal scored 14 points, Miami's Goran Dragic had two and Indiana's Victor Oladipo got seven. Moments later, Team LeBron's Kevin Durant connected with Russell Westbrook , on a layup to cut the lead to one.

But it was Smith Jr. who earned the first 50 of the night with a truly electrifying dunk that saw him go through his legs and switch hands before going for the slam.

This was Nance's fourth dunk of the night.

"I'm Larry Nance Jr".

Minutes earlier, Nance, who was trying to win the contest 34 years after his father won it, had earned a flawless 50 with a slam off a double alley-oop off the glass. Let's break the NBA All-Star skills odds and picks.

Nance Jr. did the tribute jersey reveal changing into his dad's old school uniform shorts and high socks included AND with more flair by involving the quick change team.

Donovan Mitchell wasn't supposed to be in the 2018 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. "I'm very proud of that, so I wanted to be like my dad every step of the way and now I'm here at the NBA Dunk Contest", Nance Jr. said. In the history of the Dunk Contest, 27 different players have gotten 50s, and 15 flawless scores have been awarded since 2015.

Oh, and by the way, did you know the lowest score a dunker in the contest can get from a judge is a six.... on a scale of one to 10.

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