Oklahoma health officials say flu has killed 194 this season

Posted March 03, 2018

Tulsa county continues to lead in the number of deaths associated with flu with a total of 38, six more during the last seven days. It is the first study to examine the relationship between influenza vaccination and death or hospitalization in heart failure patients through meta-analysis, a research method in which the collected results of multiple studies are analyzed together.

In New York's five boroughs, there have been 38,322 confirmed cases of the flu reported. "Unfortunately, they all take time", Webby said. It can cause a miserable but relatively mild illness in many people, but a more severe illness in others.

Dr. Tan says influenza type B cases are increasing in the state. Although there were signs in US data released Friday that the season is finally on the wane - fewer flu-linked doctor appointments, for example - hospitals are still jammed with flu-stricken patients.

The most recent report says 16 more people died between February 18-24, as the state enters its 11th consecutive week at widespread activity.

The study comes amid a flu season that has brought higher than normal rates of infection and death. The death total for North Carolina this flu season stands at 253.

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The hospital saw many cases among young adults and college students who did not get the vaccine, he said.

Dr Fauci's solution is to create a new universal vaccine which could last years or even an entire lifetime.

A House subcommittee announced Thursday that it will hold a hearing March 8 to examine how public health agencies prepare and respond to seasonal flu and why this year's flu vaccine has reduced effectiveness against H3N2.

Officials warned that the flu virus is still in circulation and will stick around for several more months, looking for more victims. Just 5% of people who visited their doctors did so while complaining of flu-like illness, down from 6.4% the previous week. The CDC advises that people who are very sick or who are at high risk for serious flu complications should get antiviral medications as soon as flu symptoms appear.

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