Snowball fight at The Vatican!

Posted March 04, 2018

According to Italian daily Fatto Quotidiano, Rome's Department for Civil Protection called a special working committee who requested the help of the army to help remove snow from the streets.

"Beautiful, lovely!" marvelled Roman resident Ginevra Sciurpa, who donned a fur hat and thick scarf to courageous the cold. An amount of snow that wouldn't even register in Chicago, for example, can be a major event when it happens in Atlanta. "It is always lovely, and above all I didn't have to go to work", she said. Northern and central Italy are more acclimatized to snow but schools in those areas were also forced to close as temperatures plunged. Rome totally looked like a snow-dusted winter wonderland. It's a snowball fight in St. Peter's Square at the Vatican.

In total, Rome received about 1.5 inches of snow.

Rome's Mediterranean climate usually results in very mild, even warm, winters.

An arctic storm passing over much of Europe was blamed for the rare snowfall in Rome.

Hospitals in Lithuania and Latvia have reported an uptick in people being treated for hypothermia and frostbite.

- Sweden: Prime Minister Stefan Lofven was uninjured after his auto skidded off the road in a snow storm and smashed into railing north of Stockholm.

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People walking in the snow by the Colosseum.

It was zero degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit) in Rome on Monday morning, with a low of minus six Celsius forecast until Wednesday - but no more snow is forecast. The mercury in the Russian capital dropped to almost -20°C (-4°F) on Sunday night, the coldest this winter, the Meteorological Office said on Monday.

The mercury dipped as low as minus 4 C early Tuesday morning according to the Italian Meteorological Service. Roads were blocked while flights in and out of Sofia Airport were cancelled.

Estonia's state weather service is forecasting the cold spell to remain in the Baltic region throughout this week, with temperatures expected to drop to minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit in some areas.

A street sweeper clears snow from a street in Stockholm as a wave of Siberian cold air sweeps across Europe and Scandinavia bringing extra low temperatures to the continent.

People build a snowman in St Peter's Square.

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