Zagat on menu for restaurant review site Infatuation

Posted March 07, 2018

According to NY Times, Infatuation plans to announce the deal on Monday.

Seven years after picking up Zagat for $151 million, Google is selling off the perennial restaurant recommendation service.

Google is selling Zagat to The Infatuation. The Infatuation claims to reach some 3 million users each month and boasts a presence in cities including Austin, Chicago, Denver, London, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco among others.

"The company has succeeded in part by embracing technologies both new and old: "It popularized "#EEEEEATS" as a branded hashtag on Instagram, and runs a slew of food-related accounts on the social network.

As for what happens with Zagat, this latest report indicates that The Infatuation will keep it around as a separate brand and that it will be used as a place where user-generated content and reviews can be published.

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Zagat now exists in several forms - as an app, a blog, a review service, and in several representative forms on social media of all sorts.

But The Infatuation, a restaurant reviews site that started in much the same fashion that Zagat did, sees the brand as an iconic institution and is thrilled to welcome it to the ranks.

Google will sell restaurant review company Zagat to The Infatuation for an undisclosed amount.

In 2016 Google unveiled a new look for Zagat's website and an app that provided suggestions based on users' locations and the time of day.

Under the management of the new owner, the brand should become known internationally - which would be easy for Google with Maps, but without the big partner this would be a huge challenge. Life under Google has sometimes been rocky for the business, including a de-emphasizing of Zagat content in favor of Google's own collected recommendations. The Infatuation, which covers restaurants both in the USA and overseas, said it had its first profitable year in 2017.

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