Alexa is laughing at users and creeping them out

Posted March 08, 2018

Hold on, what? Starting in February, owners of Alexa-enabled devices began reporting laughter coming from their digital personal assistants, occasionally without any sort of prompting whatsoever. Reports of the issue on social media date back as far as February 22. "I still get chills". They should have saved this "Alexa laugh" for Halloween. First reported by BuzzFeed, several Echo users on Twitter and Reddit have posted about virtually identical occurrences in which Alexa suddenly starts cackling without being told to do so by anyone. The news comes a few days after users took to social media to share their stories of unusual laughter coming from their Echo devices.

This basically means that all smart speakers and devices that run Alexa will now be able to ask her to play their music from Deezer.

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As The Sacramento Bee reports, some Alexa users have heard random giggles from the virtual assistant in recent weeks.

"I will call "Alexa" and the light turns on and goes off immediately after, giving me no time to say anything". But it hasn't stopped from trying to bring new features that will attract new users to its music streaming fold. If this had happened to me when I was home alone, I would have pissed my trousers. "No indication on the app that the device heard any command". The laugh is three short "Ha" sounds in a female voice that actually doesn't sound like Alexa's normal voice.

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