Donald Trump asked key witnesses if Russian Federation investigators were 'nice'

Posted March 09, 2018

The US special counsel in the Russian election meddling investigation has learnt of two conversations in which President Donald Trump had asked witnesses about matters discussed with investigators, the New York Times reported on Wednesday (March 7).

U.S. President Donald Trump meets with bi-partisan members of Congress to discuss school and community safety in the wake of the Florida school shootings at the White House in Washington, U.S., February 28, 2018.

However, the timing comes as the president's legal team is in active negotiations for what the president will do with the Mueller team, which could include an in-person interview - but no final decisions have been made. It is the first time the White House has admitted the President was involved in any way with Daniels.

A White House source tells CNN's Jim Acosta that Kelly and other White House staffers have warned Trump regularly to not talk with Mueller witnesses about their testimony, as it could constitute witness tampering.

Additionally, CNN reported last month that Mueller's team has been asking witnesses about Trump's business activities in Russian Federation prior to the 2016 presidential campaign as he considered a run for president.

Moon briefs party leaders on N.Korea summit
He urged the Trump administration, however, to continue to take every action possible in applying "maximum pressure" on the North. Chung Eui-yong assured the public that the main purpose of his trip to the North was to persuade the North to talk with the US .

Mueller is said to have become aware of Trump's conversations after witnesses and their lawyers informed him of them, reportedly because they found the interactions to be problematic. The experts also said the episodes could serve as evidence for Mueller in an obstruction case. Sources tell Fox News the latter conversation included "nothing" of substance and Trump just felt bad Priebus had been questioned for hours.

"It makes it look like you're cooking a story, and prosecutors are always looking out for it", said Julie O'Sullivan, a Georgetown University law professor. McGahn told Trump he most certainly had told him to fire Mueller. "White House counsels are not the president's personal lawyer".

The president also spoke to White House Counsel Donald McGahn. McGahn never issued such a denial.

On Wednesday, Sanders told reporters that the arbitration was won "in the President's favor".

In one of these instances, Trump reportedly asked his former chief of staff, Reince Priebus, if his sit-down with the investigators had been "nice" and asked how they treated him. He shared no specifics and did not say what he had told investigators, and the conversation moved on after a few minutes, those briefed on it said.

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