Android Wear Might Be Rebranded To 'Wear OS'

Posted March 14, 2018

Now, with Android P in works, Google is experimenting with a new rounded search bar (similar to the one seen on its Pixel launcher) on its mobile site.

The notification received by the Reddit user was generated by Google Play services, which manages the connectivity part for smart wearables running on Android Wear.

We don't know which Wear device this was, or whether more people are also seeing the same message during initial setup, but a screenshot was posted alongside the Reddit thread to help back up the claim. There are also instructions to "open the Wear OS app on your phone".

The new icon comes with Google's own colorful styling with W logo.

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The new changes appeared after H3x0n installed the latest beta of Google Play services, so they're likely to appear for everyone who installs this beta version. There's that confusion that Android Wear devices are specific to Android, yet this isn't true.

So, why the changes, more so the name?

If we talk about the icon, it looks much like the Google Assistant's logo.

Google's Android Wear was introduced nearly 4 years ago, its initial release being unleashed on March 18, 2014. There are some Android Wear devices that can be used with Apple as well so it would make sense to call them Wear OS, keeping it neutral across all devices. Foremost amongst these is the limited success of the Android Wear platform. Google is expected to announce first details of Android P in the upcoming I/O 2018, precisely it might be the best time to reintroduce the refreshed version of Android Wear with a lot more features and functionality with the new name as Wear OS. However, the company will soon come up with an official statement regarding the same and we would update you with that.

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