Browns get QB Taylor from Bills, WR Landry from Dolphins

Posted March 15, 2018

As he did three years ago, expect Maccagnan to hit free agency with an eagerness to spend where he sees fit.

Now that the initial shock of the trade has worn off, it's time to analyze the deal. The largest impact for Taylor comes from a move that sends Jarvis Landry from the Miami Dolphins up north to the Browns.

The simple answer is yes. Taylor never had an arsenal like this in Buffalo so imagine what he will do with actual weapons? The Packers ranked 24th in yards allowed last season, surrendering 4,401 total passing yards as a team.

The Jets are coming off a 5-11 season and have several holes on their roster aside from quarterback.

By drafting a quarterback first overall, Cleveland's fourth pick could be the most sought-after pick for teams to trade up to for a quarterback. Their depth chart now consists of 2017 second-round pick Kevin King, who is coming off shoulder surgery; Quinton Rollins, a 2015 second-round pick coming off a ruptured Achilles' tendon; and youngsters Josh Hawkins, Lenzy Pipkins, Donatello Brown and Herb Waters. Before the trades, Cleveland was $113 million under the salary cap and the team figures to remain busy next week. The deal can not be made official until the first day of the NFL's new league year on Wednesday. His relationship with Jackson is well-documented, and Pryor has expressed interest, via social media, in returning to Cleveland, where the former quarterback posted 1,007 receiving yards in 2016 before ankle and foot issues derailed his 2017 season in Washington. The team is rumored to be very interested in the free agent pivot, and although he'd command upwards of $30 million in cap space to sign, he's a high-priced gamble that would stabilize the offense. However, contracts can not be executed until free agency officially kicks off at 4 p.m. Wednesday, March 14.

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The timing of the trade is both a blessing and a curse for Buffalo.

When a team holding the number one pick the draft doesn't have a franchise quarterback, popular opinion among draft experts has them taking a quarterback at that number one spot.

The Bills are no longer fooling anybody. Or, take that quarterback at No. 4-having them compete for the starting job. And even if it took a Day 3 pick in the 2018 draft, perhaps that would be worth it for the Cardinals to bring in a young quarterback with some game experience to be the backup and possibly develop into something more.

Sure, money talks, yet they watched players take less to work elsewhere even before last season, when they became just the second team in National Football League history to go 0-16.

While the Taylor trade was a bit shocking, it was an objectively good move on behalf of the Bills.

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