The best feature of Google Photos is now available on iPhones

Posted March 17, 2018

Previous year at the Google I/O 2017 conference the search giant unveiled Google Lens. Now, the company is peeking over the fence towards Cupertino, and giving its rival platform some of the augmented reality love. If you want to give it a try, Google says it's rolling out for Google Photos users over the next week or so.

Google released today Google Lens on iOS, making available the discovery functionality on the Google Photos App.

Google Photos users on iPhone and iPad are getting a new feature, with Google Lens adding its visual search and more in an update to the app. Snap Ed Sheeran in the street, for example, and you get links to his YouTube and Facebook pages, and so on. How to use Google Lens? The Lens basically scans the images for different things like phone numbers, dates, addresses, landmarks, books, music albums, movies, artwork and more.

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Google Lens will only work if your device language is set to English. Launch the Google Photos iOS app, select a photo and then tap the Google Lens icon, if support is available. Another instance would be if you are out on the town, and you see an event flyer.

The feature made its debut alongside the Google Pixel 2 announcement.

Lens isn't quite at the stage where we'd consider it a must-have feature, though if you deal with a lot of business cards it could make your contacts workflow much smoother. However, you can delete your Lens history from your Google account, just like you'd do with everything else the company collects about you.

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