Eight-Team XFL Competitor Plans to Launch in February 2019

Posted March 23, 2018

This league is set to start a year earlier than the XFL, with their first game the week after next year's Super Bowl.

Qualified players can begin contacting the league via AAF.com.

Adidas signed on as a founding partner for the league last month, and Yee hopes to have the league ready for its first season in the summer of 2019. The league will offer direct competition to the XFL.

"Whenever you have an endeavor that involves the kind of teamwork football involves", Polian adds, "it implies a partnership, the need to get their buy-in and do things, particularly in a startup, that represent their best interest.to make sure players know we have their best interests at heart".

For the 2017 NFL regular season, advertising revenue dropped 1.2% to $2.42 billion among four TV networks - CBS, NBC, Fox, and ESPN (not including the NFL Network) - according to Standard Media Index. "We're looking for those Kurt Warners working in grocery stores, and we think we will find them". Today football fans were privy to some new news.

Designer of Collapsed Bridge Also Worked On Skyway, Selmon
It added that "obviously" repairs will have to be done but clarified that "from a safety perspective" no issues were discovered. Pedro Munilla, one of MCM's vice presidents, has been an avid contributor to prominent politicians, including Florida US Sen.

Namely, there will be no kickoffs. Instead, teams will start on their own 25-yard line. Hence, all teams must go for a two-point conversion. "Every Alliance contract is going to carry with it an "out" for any player who has an opportunity at any time to go to the NFL".

One of the most intriguing aspects of the AAF is the elimination of kickoffs, which Polian called one of the most "dangerous parts of football". However, it's hard to forecast how penalties might impact the strategy of such plays for both sides. In addition, there will be no extra point attempts.

There appears to be a large number of football minds involved in the endeavor. Former players such as Justin Tuck, Hines Ward and Jared Allen will have significant roles, Charlie Ebersol said. Other regular season games will be available on the league's forthcoming app, while one game per week will air on CBS Sports. The cities in which the teams will be based will be announced over the next three months. The AP said warm-weather locations are most likely, given the February-April schedule. The Chernin Group and Founders Fund have financially backed this new league. But whether or not the on-field product catches on, the rule changes are nearly likely to be watched very closely by the behemoth NFL. Several retired players are supporting the new adventure too.

To add yet another layer of intrigue, the league is being put together by Charlie Ebersol, who is the son of longtime TV executive Dick Ebersol, who was also one of McMahon's partners when he originally put together the XFL almost 20 years ago.

That's the key. Even with the buzz created by the return of the XFL, the core question is this: Would you invest your own money in the XFL or any other alternative football league? The AAF doesn't view itself as a league that is competing with the NFL, but one that will be complimentary to it.

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