Possible UFO spotted over Arizona by two pilots

Posted March 30, 2018

It remains unclear whether the object spotted by the pilots was a UFO or a water balloon.

"It's doubtful", replied the pilot.

After an object passed overhead he radioed an air traffic control center in Albuquerque to see if they were aware of any other flights in the area.

A few minutes later, the American Airlines pilot tells air traffic control, "Yeah, something just passed right over us", noting the object was at least 3,000 feet above them.

To which the pilot can be heard saying: "If anything passes over us?"

"Maybe a UFO", the air traffic controller joked, prompting the Learjet pilot to laugh.

"American 1095. We had an aircraft in front of you that reported something pass over him and, uh, we didn't have any targets".

"Yeah something just passed over us, like a..."

Moments later, the Airbus pilot confirms that he too has witnessed whatever the unusual object is.

"It's American 1095. Yeah, something just passed over us", the pilot said.

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"I couldn't make it out if it was a balloon or whatnot, but it was just really beaming light or had a big reflection and several thousand feet above us going the opposite direction".

The American Airlines jet, an Airbus A321, was flying from San Diego to Dallas, according to FlightRadar24.

American Airlines referred questions to the FAA, and Phoenix Air did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

"It's a UFO", another pilot chimes in. Moreover, the FAA has often offered explanations like weather balloons and other monitoring craft for its explanations of these events but these accounts often seem to fall short of explaining what it is exactly pilots encountered.

There were no reports of rogue drones or any other unexpected aircrafts in the area when the February 24 incident took place, The Drive reports.

The unusual object passed near the aircraft just 500 miles from Roswell, New Mexico, a city famous for an alleged UFO crash in 1947 and other conspiracy theories.

Some believe it may have been one of the Google WiFi balloons, but the pilots are pretty sure that it wasn't.

However, Lunsford implied that air traffic controllers would likely know if there was military aircraft in the air. Two other declassified videos in December showed another sighting by U.S. Navy pilots.

And while Mulder and Scully may have hung it up with The X-Files this past season that hasn't stopped real world sightings of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs.

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