Spotify Valued At $30 Billion Following Debut On New York Stock Exchange

Posted April 05, 2018

And despite the enormous respect I have for the New York Stock Exchange in this process, I also won't be on the floor doing any interviews'.

The Swedish company took an unconventional route to the market, with early investors selling their holdings and no new shares being issued.

Importantly, these banks also "underwrite" the offer, meaning that they agree - at a price - to buy any shares that go unsold at the flotation. Almost 91 per cent of Spotify's 178 million shares were tradable, a much higher percentage than typical in a traditional IPO.

The company, with more than 71 million subscribers, is not raising any money through the IPO. However, the company was advised by Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Allen & Co. prior to the offering.

It closed at $149.01, a drop of more than 10 percent but still above the pre-trading reference point - and ending the day with a value of $26.5 billion.

Most important of all is how the Spotify IPO will affect regular consumers - the listeners.

Leading up to the listing, Spotify had disclosed price history of trading of its private shares, in order to establish its market value ahead of the listing. Its first day of trading-with relatively few trades-continued the unusual float.

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The venture capital unit of New York-based Tiger Global owns 12.8 million shares, or 7.2% of the company, according to a March 20 filing.

Services such as Apple Music or Amazon Music Unlimited, even though trailing after Spotify in terms of numbers of subscribers, do not have to worry about staying commercially viable.

Spotify has grown quickly, but has yet to find a way to make a profit after paying out huge sums to record labels for the music its customers play.

Spotify's early lead in music streaming has drawn comparisons to Netflix, which built upon its pioneering role in DVD-by-mail rentals and then video streaming to create a hugely successful, subscription-driven franchise that has produced spectacular returns for the company's investors.

CEO Daniel Ek, who owns just over 9 percent of the music streaming company, is now sitting on about $2.3 billion of Spotify stock at its current price.

Around 30 million shares in the world's largest music streaming service, which has more than 140m active users, were traded on opening day.

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