Students join teachers to demand school funding

Posted April 07, 2018

Then, in early April, governor Mary Fallin approved extra raises between $750 to $2,000, Oklahoma's News 4 reported.

This week, thousands of Oklahoma teachers gathered at their state capitol demanding larger salaries.

Hato Pētera School, a Māori Catholic school on Auckland's North Shore, employs four teachers and one administrator - but Stephanie Pomare is its only student.

"They're depriving their students of education while they're there", says Connie Millar.

A second is that teachers are human, they're in very stressful positions often, that they're being challenged by their students, especially at the middle and high school level, they're asked to break up fights [and] generally manage contentious situations.

Smriti Irani says Centre willing to engage with journalists' bodies to fight
However, the guidelines by the I&B Ministry was seen by the media as an attempt to control freedom of press in an election year. On the second instance, the journalist will face a 1 year suspension and then permanent suspension on the third violation.

"Teachers can make a whole lot of difference without having a bunch of money poured into things", says Millar.

"Will there be sanctions, will there be consequences for that student - because if there isn't we have to realise that there could be 20 other students in the classroom witnessing this and it also has a profound effect on them if they see behaviour like this and no consequences put in place, it's nearly like 'well, these students have free rein to do this without any sanction'. That's why they're teachers". Teacher quality is probably the most important starting point in the overall quality of an education system.

Arizona is now ranked No. 49 in teacher pay in the United States, according to Expect More Arizona.

Audrey Cepeda, chair of the Dublin City branch of the Teachers' Union of Ireland (TUI), said the teacher was conscious of her duty of care to other students, and did not want to leave the classroom, but felt she had no option.

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