Rahul Gandhi calls Amit Shah's animal remarks 'disrespectful'

Posted April 08, 2018

Addressing a public gathering in Karnataka Rahul Gandhi said that according to him there only 2 persons who worth everything, Mr Amit Shah, and Mr Prime Minister.

"One, there is complete financial mismanagement, demonetisation, and the implosion of the financial system".

"Nirav Modi is an example, Vijay Mallya, Lalit Modi, Piyush Goyal. they are all examples", Gandhi said.

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Congress President Rahul Gandhi will be touring in Bengaluru division for two days from tomorrow for campaigning ahead of the May 12 assembly polls in Karnataka. Taking to micro-blogging site Twitter, Rahul Gandhi issued "Modi Scam Alert" and posted,"15 Billion $ fighter jet deal re-tendered".

He said that for BJP and RSS everybody else concerned are animals. That's fine, that is the way they look at the world. "It is a disrespectful statement, but we don't take what Mr Amit Shah says with too much seriousness", Mr Gandhi said. "I don't want to satisfy Rahul Gandhi's ego and reveal details of avionics, ammunition and the changes made as per the country conditions to this sophisticated aircraft", she had said. It doesn't stop there. Congress president said, "His remarks were disrespectful and reflect his mentality for Dalits, tribals, minority". He said, "You question PM Narendra Modi on his governance but the people of this country have been questioning the rule of Congress since its inception". "They say it to us", he said. "That's all, that's the reality".

In a scathing attack on political rivals, Shah had on Friday equated the parties, trying to join hands against the BJP, to "snakes, "mongoose, 'dogs" and 'cats". Only a "vatvriksha" (banyan tree) survives and snakes climb onto it, mongoose climb on it, cats climb onto it, dogs climb onto it, cheetah climbs onto it and lions climb onto it because of the rising waters.

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