Jerry Brown bolsters National Guard but defends California's sanctuary status

Posted April 12, 2018

First, the governor is using the federal funds to bolster an existing program that seeks to combat transnational crime - such as gangs, human traffickers, and illegal gun and drug smugglers.

National Guard troops were also sent to the border in the past week after reports that a caravan of over 1,000 immigrants were headed from Central America to the US through Mexico.

"This will not be a mission to build a new wall", Brown wrote. For what it would cost the Guard to make just TWO arrests at the border, we could give a homeless veteran permanent housing for an entire year.

Some National Guard members have started arriving at the U.S. -Mexico border with more expected as federal government officials seek ways to curtail illegal immigration.

No new California National Guard troops have been sent to the border, according to Evan Westrup, a spokesman for Democratic Gov.

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Gov. Jerry Brown has agreed to deploy 400 National Guard troops at President Donald Trump's request - but not for immigration enforcement. "Issues of border security require the partnership of the federal government and our state and local allies to be successful". President George W. Bush sent 6,000 in 2006.

Seeking refuge from persecution and violence in search of a peaceful life "is not a crime", the bishops added.

The Republican on Tuesday reiterated plans to put more than 1,000 National Guard members into action. The April 6 statement said they recognize the right of nations to control and secure their borders and to respect the rule of law but it also pointed out that current US law allows those who arrive in this country fleeing persecution to "due process as their claims are reviewed".

But despite the sight of a caravan of migrants headed toward the United States, the U.S. Border Patrol says the number of people crossing illegally from Mexico is at its lowest point in nearly 50 years.

"To those who wish to challenge the Trump Administration's commitment to public safety, national security, and the rule of law, I warn you: illegally entering this country will not be rewarded, but will instead be met with the full prosecutorial powers of the Department of Justice", Sessions said in a statement. The synthetic drug fentanyl, which is exponentially more powerful and deadly even than heroin, also comes into the the Mexican border, though too much of it still is delivered by the U.S. Postal Service when it is shipped from China.

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