See what Maurice Hurst said in first teleconference with Oakland Raiders

Posted May 01, 2018

With the top pick of the fifth round in the 2017 NFL Draft, the Denver Broncos took a chance on Michigan Wolverines tight end Jake Butt, who had two knee surgeries in college and was just a couple of months off of his latest corrective procedure.

Gruden will get a few more cracks at turning his draft doubters into believers Saturday.

The Oakland Raiders entered the 2018 NFL Draft with questions at the inside linebacker position but chose to wait to address it.

The Detroit Free Press even reported, "Hurst's confidence stemmed, he said, from that fact he had gone through a heart scare once before, when he arrived on campus as a four-star recruit in 2013". "I'm ready to go right now, so just show up to rookie mini-camp just like everyone else and just go through things as everyone else would".

With the new pick, the Raiders took the risk of grabbing MI defensive tackle Maurice Hurst, who is a top talent in the draft but fell due to his heart condition. In a landscape where there are several dominant defensive linemen at the college level, Hurst played at a level that was on par with the best.

Hurst: "It's money. I'm just upset and disappointed teams decided not to pick me".

Hurst has moonlighted as an Uber driver the past few years while at MI.

So when he was sent home from the NFL Combine in March, Hurst set out to quell the concerns and get cleared.

The Raiders were one of the teams to draft a defensive tackle ahead of Hurst.

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"I feel the Oakland Raiders is the right place for me".

"I go back to the film two years ago, the kid is special", Gruden said.

Is Hurst worth the risk he might not be cleared to play?

MI likes to have their defensive line get after the quarterback, and Hurst excelled in the system.

There were some notable players that fell out of the first round, making for a few great selections in Round 2.

I would put him at nose tackle. There he utilized a quick first step and decent pass rush moves to get off blockers and make the quarterback move around in the pocket. It was a condition he and MI had been aware of since his freshman year, although it was never a detriment to him playing.

The problem first arose at the National Football League combine.

So his slide is clearly not because of his ability on the field. Despite receiving medical clearance from doctors at both MI and Harvard, several teams clearly had their reservations.

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