Did the NRA Ban Guns at Their Own Leadership Forum?

Posted May 05, 2018

The rule was also in effect when President Donald Trump spoke at the annual meetings a year ago.

"Wait wait wait wait wait wait you're telling me to make the VP safe there aren't any weapons around but when it comes to children they want guns everywhere?" he wrote.

In reality, the NRA was not responsible for the decision to bar attendees from carrying guns at the 2018 Leadership Forum.

While it's a Secret Service security protocol, the move triggered criticism of the NRA from their loudest opponents of late - students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and their families.

It is standard operating procedure for the Secret Service to coordinate security wherever the vice president travels, Secret Service officials told NPR.

Trump met with NRA officials at the White House twice in less than a week following the Parkland massacre, and about a week after the attack on the Florida high school, Trump called the NRA leadership "great people and great American patriots" on Twitter. Pence will be speaking at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum on Friday, the organization announced last week.

Licensed handguns (both concealed carry and open carry) are permitted on premise, as allowed by state law, unless the type of event being held at the [Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center] falls under an exception that would prohibit a person with a license to carry a handgun at the event.

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The irony was not lost on some Parkland students and parents.

The NRA has meanwhile distanced itself from the Secret Service's directive, saying it had no choice in the matter.

This will mark the fourth year in a row Trump speaks at the event.

As Liasson reported, the NRA spent more than any other outside group on Trump's presidential campaign - more than $30 million.

But at recent rallies, Liasson reported, Trump has been warning his supporters that if Democrats win in November, they will take away people's guns.

Assembles to hear Mike Pence.

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