9/11 accused 'has information' on Central Intelligence Agency pick

Posted May 10, 2018

Harris: "Can you please answer the question?"

"You have the moral strength to speak truth to power".

Trump nominated Deputy CIA Director Gina Haspel to take over the agency after he named the former director, Mike Pompeo, secretary of state.

And then she dodged it. Haspel hit back: "It has been suggested to me by my team that if we tried to declassify some of my operational history, it would help my nomination", she said.

"When asked if she agrees with the president's assertion that torture works, Haspel said: "I don't believe that torture works". That inventory has 90 tapes of interrogation of suspected Al Qaeda operative Abu Zubaydah and two videos of "Detainee #2".

"We had been charged with making sure the country wasn't attacked again, and we had been informed that the techniques in CIA's program were legal and authorized by the highest legal authority in the country and also the president", she said.

"I understand that what many people around the country want to know about are my views on C.I.A.'s former detention and interrogation program", she said. "Through it all, she led with compassion, integrity, discipline, and humor-traits she learned from her Agency mentors".

Feinstein: "In November and December of 2002, did you oversee the enhanced interrogation of al Nashiri, which included the use of the waterboard, as publicly reported?".

But, neither she nor senators spent much time exploring the topic during the hearing. A portion of her hearing was closed door due to the sensitive nature regarding her career in the Central Intelligence Agency.

Pakistan's interior minister shot and wounded after public meeting
The amendment was hastily reversed in 2017 after it was deemed by the previously little-known Islamist group to be blasphemous. Iqbal, who was shot in the arm Sunday evening during a rally in his constituency Narowal, is now under treatment in Lahore .

While the CIA director technically reports to the director of national intelligence, Haspel would be the face of the nation's top spy agency and a top Trump adviser. Because of her current position at the CIA, Haspel does not have to let the entirety of records on her 33 years of service be made public, despite requests from lawmakers. "Being unable to say that torture is immoral shows that she lacks the character necessary to stand up to the President and be an independent, moral CIA Director".

Durham, now the US attorney in CT, had been tasked by then-Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey with reviewing potential criminal liability in the destruction of the much-discussed interrogation tapes from earlier in the George W. Bush administration.

King says a vote for Haspel would, in essence, be a condoning of the destruction of the tapes, which occurred when Congress was starting to look into the interrogation program. Haspel's played pivotal roles in the agency's most controversial recent actions. Some were also not pleased with her answers concerning the destruction of the interrogation tapes.

So, it's a shame Ms. Haspel has to be subjected to this nonsense, but I would bet the mortgage that she would be confirmed.

"My moral compass is strong", Ms Haspel told the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Vukmir's accusations against Baldwin are made worse by the fact that, unlike other Democrats and Sen. "They told us this was not torture, that it complied with the Constitution, and it complied with USA law", Mudd said. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) for her silence about the nomination amid widespread Democratic skepticism towards Haspel. She won't call things what they are - torture and immorality - which would seem to leave open the door.

Instead, I was offended by her refusal to answer Sen. She can vote however she wants. Rand Paul saying he'll oppose Haspel and Sen.

Haspel, who was introduced Wednesday by former Sens. "They think that just because she's a Trump nominee there is a vote of no from Democrats and that it's a double standard".

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