Ga. officer suspended after dragging 65-year-old woman from auto

Posted May 12, 2018

Police officers in Alpharetta, Georgia are under internal investigation after disturbing dashcam footage of them dragging an elderly woman from her vehicle during a routine traffic stop surfaced.

According to WSB-TV, "Police said another officer had ticketed Campbell for failing to maintain her lane, and she refused to sign the ticket, which resulted in the officer trying to take her to jail". The woman refused to sign her ticket, which is against the law in Georgia, and was told she would be arrested for not complying.

The footage starts with Campbell's silver SUV being pulled over by the side of the road, before Officer Michael Swerdlove approaches her to check her license and explain she had been ticketed for drifting from one lane to another.

Following the incident, and after watching the dash cam video, Alpharetta Police Chief John Robison said that Legg was immediately suspended.

As Swerdlove and another officer grappled with Campbell, she said that if Swerdlove took his hands off of her, she would get out. One officer, who screamed a profanity at her, has now resigned.

It's just not who we are.

In the same letter, he eventually stated, "Maybe I should not have used profanity".

At this point Legg grabs the woman again and pulls her towards the cop cars.

'You need to get out of the auto, you're under arrest, ' Swerdlove says.

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With the officers unable to remove Campbell from the vehicle, the recording shows Legg, sporting a baseball cap, running toward the side of the auto and entering through the passenger seat to turn off the auto. It worked instantly and she exited the vehicle immediately! "There are aspects of this video that you're likely about to watch that simply do not represent who we are as an organization", Robison said. As you'll see, this was a complicated issue due to the age of the driver as the officer did not want to hurt her. Back-up was requested and available officers responded to the scene, some of which responded to handle traffic control along Windward Pkwy.

Swerdlove then called for backup and several other officers arrived.

The official did not name Legg in the post, but said the officer "interjected himself into the situation using language and tactics that were inappropriate, even inflammatory". One of them begins screaming at Campbell.

"I didn't expect that in America", Campbell told the television station.

"I didn't expect that especially in Alpharetta", she added. "Once a detailed investigation is completed, I can assure that there will be a decisive and appropriate outcome".

Several local lawmakers also held a news conference on Friday, who said Campbell was a Lyft driver and had a passenger in the vehicle at the time of the arrest. Numerous Alpharetta police officers arrived, including me. Am I in a movie?

"I'm a Christian woman, and we're supposed to offer forgiveness to walk on the path to peace", Campbell said. I couldn't believe it.

Hopefully, this case will help to push the local police department in Alpharetta to implement changes that will bring an end to police brutality, at least locally. In conclusion, I feel my decisions ended a volatile situation quickly with very limited force and got everyone off the highway and back into service.

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