Senate Passes Resolution To Save The Internet

Posted May 18, 2018

Should broadband companies be able to block content or slow down websites? Pai has previously claimed that the net neutrality repeal is already spurring new broadband investment, but his evidence consisted mostly of deployments that were planned during the Obama administration or funded directly by the FCC before Pai was the chair.

After all, the Republicans control the House of Representatives and there's very little chance the Democrats could get the same support to force the issue there.

"The grandparents, the gamers, the gearheads, the geeks, the GIF-makers, the Generations X, Y, and Z. This movement to save net neutrality is made up of every walk of American life", he said. "Today's bipartisan vote to reinstate net neutrality is critical to promoting innovation, supporting our hard-working people, and encouraging economic growth - and it would not have been possible without the energy and passion of all those who contacted their elected representatives and made their voices heard".

"The House should follow their [the Senate's] lead in standing up for school systems and protecting them from the unintended harmful consequences of a market without net neutrality guardrails", added Krueger, in a prepared statement "We urge them to advance this resolution as soon as possible".

The measure, which was backed by all 49 Democrats and Republican Sens.

She closed with a promise that will have avid The FCC watchers excited about the next few episodes.

The Senate yesterday voted 52-47 to reverse the FCC repeal of net neutrality rules.

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While people remain exclusively fixated on the telecom industry's attacks on net neutrality, the reality is companies like Comcast, Charter, AT&T and Verizon are busy trying to eliminate almost all federal and state oversight of their businesses. As a current member of the committee and a former small business owner, Shaheen understands the importance of putting small businesses first.

"The FCC's net neutrality decision was a brazen attack on the principles of a free and open internet and it should absolutely be overturned by the Congress", Malloy said. Ed Markey, D-Mass., the leader of the Senate effort.

Later, Rep. Anna Eshoo, a California Democrat who represents Silicon Valley, said she was happy by the result in the Senate with the legislation.

City council today took a baby step toward ensuring San Antonians have access to a free and open Internet - a concept techies refer to as "net neutrality."

One person who definitely hasn't welcomed the Senate vote is FCC Chairman Ajit Pai. Working people deserve an internet where corporations can not block, throttle or otherwise impede access to lawful, legitimate content.

However, the endeavor to cease abrogation of net neutrality rules as a segment of an expansive political strategy by Democrats to marshal young voters in the November elections.

Wednesday's vote is only the latest installment in a almost decade-long battle regarding how the government should regulate internet.

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